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Jeane Dixon's Game of Destiny

card game

Jeane L. Dixon (1904-1997) was perhaps the most famous astrologer and psychic of the 20th century. Known for emphasizing coincidentally correct predictions and ignoring those that went wrong, Dixon's fame in persuading the public in this manner is known today as the Jeane Dixon effect. She authored several books and was the subject of a best-selling biography, and went on to advise many celebrities including several United States Presidents and their families. She collaborated in 1968 with game maker Milton Bradley Company to produce a card game based on both numerology and astrology. A quote from the game reads "It is not the purpose of this game to convert you into a believer of the psychic in general... (but) you will find yourself reaching for and bringing out this fascinating game with which to entertain your friends."

  • Manufacturer: Milton Bradley Company
  • Material: printed paper | cardstock | cardboard | vinyl
  • Origin: Springfield, MA
  • Style: fortune telling
  • Object ID: 114.7379
  • Credit Line: Gift of Diane M. Cammarata, Ph.D., in Memory of Lorraine A. Cammarata
Creative Commons License