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The Camper's Knot Tying Game

card game

Knots for fastening, securing, and binding materials are essential to truckers, sailors, cavers, moutain climbers, linemen, rescure professionals, scouts, and other professions. Learning to tie various knots comes easily to some; they need only look a a picture of a knot to comprehend how to make one of their own. Other learners need to study the process or the steps in sequence involved in making a knot. Often taught to children--with a reward for mastering the skills involved--knot tying proves useful to innumerable situations in adulthood.

  • Manufacturer: Ramco Products
  • Material: paper | cardboard | rope | wood
  • Origin: Kooskia, ID
  • Object ID: 112.6368
  • Credit Line: Gift of William Cronon
Creative Commons License