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card game

Reshuffle is a matching card game designed by Finnish artist Reetta Hiltunen. Hiltunen is a graphic artist who concentrates on "race and cultural relations" in her works. Her prints are collected and shown in many galleries in Europe and America. All of her works concentrate on destroying racial and sexual stereotypes and improving cultural relations among all people. Her card game is similar to an early American game called "Dr. Busbe," in which "families" of cards (such as father, mother, brother, and sister) are matched for a set and the winner is the first to lose all cards. In Reshuffle, however, the mother may be a master scuba diver, while the father is a marine biologist. And races are very comfortably intermingled as well. Hiltunen's card game sells in Europe.

  • Manufacturer: Tactic
  • Material: printed cardstock
  • Origin: Helsinki, Finland
  • Style: matching
  • Object ID: 111.583
  • Credit Line: Gift of Reetta Hiltunen
Creative Commons License