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Batman Forever Game

card game

In 1995 Parker Brothers produced an audio-controlled card game after the release of the movie "Batman Forever." Card play is dictated and controlled by playing an audio cassette; the game recreates a crime scene in Gotham City and several scenarios are possible depending on which cards a player holds. "Batman Forever" was the third of the later 20th century Batman movies and the first to be directed by Joel Schumacher. Although the movie starred several well-liked actors of the day, it is generally considered one of the worst of the modern Batman features. This game, however, seems a clever concept. It unfortunately is dependent on yesterday's cassette tape technology.

  • Manufacturer: Parker Brothers
  • Material: printed cardstock | cassette | cardboard
  • Licenser: DC Comics
  • Style: war | audio
  • Object ID: 110.1637
  • Credit Line: Gift of Darlene Gengelbach
Creative Commons License