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Magic will happen. Harry Potter trading card game


In 1997, author J.K. Rowling literally changed the face of contemporary western literature with the introduction of the first of her widly successful Harry Potter books. A blockbuster film series was soon to follow and, naturally, spin-off merchandise flooded the market, prompted by both the book series and the films as well. Wizards of the Coast, a well-known role-playing game and collectible trading card game producer, developed its Harry Potter Trading Card Game in 2001, based on the book series. An advertising brochure, aimed at gaming retailers, promotes this card game.

  • Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast
  • Material: printed cardboard
  • Licenser: Warner Brothers
  • Object ID: 110.12821
  • Credit Line: Gift of the Villard family for the advancement of the study of play
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