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The Original Wizard Card Game

card game

The card game Wizard was invented by Ken Fisher of Toronto, Ontario, in 1984 and first printed in 1986. The game most closely resembles a classic trick-taking game known as "Oh Hell." Similar, in a way, to contract bridge, players must bid for the number of tricks they plan to take in a round. The card deck is a standard deck with the addition of wizard cards (highest ranking) and jester cards (lowest). The game has enjoyed increasing popularity since its introduction and now proudly states "over one million sold" on its package.

  • Inventor: Ken Fisher
  • Manufacturer: U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
  • Material: printed cardstock | printed cardboard
  • Origin: Stamford, Ct
  • Style: trick taking
  • Object ID: 110.12197
  • Credit Line: Gift of Nicolas Ricketts
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