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Atari 130 XE Personal Computer


One of the final computers in Atari's 8-bit series, the Atari 130 XE appeared in 1985. The XE stood for "Extra Expansion" and contained 128 KB of memory and an Enhanced Cartridge Interface. The computer was compatible with other members of the XE line, the 65 XE and 800 XE. In 1987, Atari released their last 8-bit gaming console, the XE Game System, which was almost identical to the 65 XE. Due to low sales, Atari discontinued support for the 8-bit line in 1992.

  • Manufacturer: Atari, Inc.
  • Material: printed cardboard | plastic | metal
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Object ID: 111.6275
  • Credit Line: Gift of Sasha Dodgson
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