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Neo Geo Multi Video System

arcade game

SNK Corporation designed numerous Neo Geo brand arcade games throughout the 1980s, including the hits Vanguard and Ikari Warriors. In 1989, they decided to produce a home video game system capable of playing their popular arcade software. The Neo Geo home video game console, released in 1990, was a technological success; the system featured impressive arcade-quality graphics and exceptional gameplay. But with this superior gaming platform came an alarming $650 price tag, compared to the popular Sega Genesis which was selling for a more reasonable $200. Most casual gamers were unable to afford the system, however, among hardcore gamers the system was a must-have. SNK sold only 900,000 units during the production run, yet the company turned out games-- most notably fighting games such as Fatal Fury and Metal Slug--for more than 14 years. The system has a rather large following with individuals in the retrogaming community, many of whom rank the Neo Geo as the finest 2-D console ever produced.

  • Manufacturer: SNK
  • Material: plastic | paper | glass | cardboard | metal
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 112.4849
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