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Fruit Ninja FX

arcade game

Developed by Halfbrick Studios, Fruit Ninja launched as an app for the iPhone in 2010. The game was immediately praised for its addictive nature and simplicity, as the entire experience centered around slicing various pieces of fruit with a finger. Extra points are given for cutting multiple fruits with one slice. The game concludes when the player misses a total of three pieces of fruit, or when the player mistakenly slices a bomb instead of the fruit. The game also includes a Zen mode, which contains no bombs and no lives, where players simply seek a high score in 90 seconds. Lastly, the game includes an Arcade mode, which lasts 60 seconds. This mode includes regular fruit and bombs, which give negative points when sliced, as well as special bananas that give double points, freeze the clock or grant a "frenzy" of fruit. Since its inception, the game has been ported to Android, Windows 7, Samsung and Nokia phones, and now includes online achievements and leaderboards. The Xbox 360 also ported a version of the game, known as Fruit Ninja Kinect. This version of the game, Fruit Ninja FX, features a 46" LCD touch screen for play and only includes the Arcade mode.

  • Manufacturer: Adrenaline Amusements
  • Material: printed paper | plastic | metal
  • Object ID: 111.6240
Creative Commons License