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Robotron: 2084

arcade game

In the year 2084, renegade robots will have taken over the world and be busy hunting down the last of the human race. Or at least that is what happens in the video arcade game Robotron: 2084- the 1982 sequel to Defender and Stargate. Vid Kidz owners Eugene Jarvis and Larry Demar designed the third installment of the series released by William Electronics. In Robotron: 2084, players control a superhuman trying to save the last human family on the planet. The enemies are the robots that have turned on their human creators. These Robotrons come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and abilities. Grunts, Brains, Enforcers, Tanks, and Hulks all try to capture the humans and turn them into evil zombies called Sinister Progs. Players earn extra points by saving captured humans before they are transformed. The screen is filled with enemies, mines, and projectiles, making it extremely difficult to stay alive for very long. Robotron: 2084 is notable for being one of the first video games with a dual 8-postion joystick configuration. While designing the game, Jarvis broke his arm in a car accident and was unable to use the standard joystick and button configuration. Using two joysticks not only allowed Jarvis to play his game, but also created more freedom of movement in the game. Players could now use one joystick for aiming weapons while simultaneously moving their character with the other. The dual joystick adaption is difficult for many people to control, but adds to the fast-paced excitement of the game. Robotron: 2084 may not have introduced the dual joystick configuration, but it popularized the use of it. Robotron: 2084 sold approximately 20,000 units and was considered a success. The arcade cabinets are now a highly coveted collector's item. One of the fastest games of the time, Robotron: 2084 gave gamers the heart-pounding challenge they had been waiting for.

  • Material: plastic | metal | glass
  • Origin: USA
  • Style: arcade game
  • Object ID: 109.17263
Creative Commons License