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Directions for Designing Cool Clothes for the Sims 2

collage | display piece

The Sims series of electronic games are among the most important in the history of electronic games. Not only are they the best-selling computer games of all time, but they are also one of the few best-selling games that have a majority female audience. According to some estimates, girls and women constitute approximately 70% of the game's players. This is not surprising as designer Will Wright was inspired to create the game by his experiences playing with his daughter's dollhouse. Indeed, he has characterized it as more of a toy than a game, because the goal is to play, explore, and create, not to win. These collage-style poster boards exemplify the playing, exploring, and creating that happens when people play the Sims. Created by teenage girls in conjunction with the Tech Savvy Girls program created by the University of Wisconsin at Madison, these poster boards demonstrate how the girls used the Sims to tell stories, become entrepreneurs, and gain technical skills. As such they showcase the experiences of players of electronic games.

  • Material: collage | cardboard
  • Object ID: 109.16622
Creative Commons License