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Fisher-Price Computer Cool School

video game

As electronic games become an increasingly popular form of play, younger and younger children are given the opportunity to combine traditional play with technological innovations. "Electronic game" no longer refers simply to video games played on a console or computer. The addition of electronic components to traditional play, such as sports, coloring and bike riding, is becoming an extremely common development. Such games allow for increased creative expression and often combine learning activities within the games. They also allow children the advantage of playing on multiple platforms, such as when their actions cause the game to respond by talking or by showing an electronic image of the child's actions on a view screen. Even toys with no electronic components themselves sometimes have virtual connections, such as when a child can create an online counterpart for his or her favorite stuffed animal and then dress it, decorate its house, and even interact with other virtual animals. This additional layer of play is becoming present more and more often in today's toys and games, and it will no doubt continue to spark the interest and imagination of children and parents alike.

  • Manufacturer: Fisher-Price
  • Material: plastic | printed paper | acetate | metal
  • Origin: China
  • Object ID: 109.15796
Creative Commons License