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Game.Com Frogger

handheld video game

The Game.Com is a fifth generation handheld video game system manufactured by Tiger Electronics and first released in 1997. The system featured a touch screen and stylus, as well as built-in fuctions such as a calendar, calculator, and phone book. It also provided internet access with a modem cartridge. The system sold poorly, as it could not compete with the main consoles of the era - the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn - nor with the Nintendo Game Boy Color, the premier handheld of the time. A total of 20 games were released for the system, and less than 300 thousand units sold.

  • Manufacturer: Tiger Electronics
  • Material: plastic | printed paper
  • Origin: China
  • Licenser: Konami
  • Object ID: 112.623
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