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video game console

Released in 1982, the Arcadia 2001 was a second generation video game console manufactured by Emerson Radio Corp. With graphics on par with contemporary competitors such as the Intellivision and Odyssey 2, the Arcadia produced 51 unique games and approximately 10 variations. Most games included mylar overlays which would be attached to its controller. Its smaller size allowed it to be a popular portable system, assuming another television was available. The console was considered a failure, however, because it was released almost simultaneously with the Atari 5200 and ColecoVision. Atari's exclusive rights to many of the most popular games, such as Pac-Man and Galaxian, made it almost impossible for Emerson tempt gamers to their console. When Atari began suing other companies for producing games to which they had an exclusive license, Emerson found itself with thousands of already manufactured games that they were no longer allowed to sell.

  • Manufacturer: Emerson Radio Corporation
  • Material: printed cardboard | plastic | metal
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Object ID: 116.7944
  • Credit Line: Gift of Raiford Guins
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