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TurboGrafx-16 Turbo Stick

video game controller

The TurboGrafx-16 stands as an example of a home video game system that dominated the Japanese market yet failed to achieve any significant market penetration in the United States. The Japanese version of the system, the PC Engine, outsold the Nintendo Famicom and the Sega Mega Drive (Japanese versions of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis). This was certainly not the case in North America. Inferior marketing, limited game releases, and a high sales price ($399) all led to mediocre sales. The system is noteworthy for its CD-ROM peripheral, which was a first in the United States.

  • Manufacturer: NEC Home Electronics
  • Material: plastic | printed paper
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Object ID: 116.3641
  • Credit Line: Gift of Ben Perry and Erik Pearson
Creative Commons License