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Xbox 360 Controller Prototype

video game controller | prototype

The Xbox 360 Controller serves as the primary gaming controller for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. Players can choose between wireless, and wired by USB input, formats. The controller is similar in design and layout to the Controller S of Microsoft’s original Xbox, but designers slimmed it down for better control. The left and right joysticks remained largely the same, as did the directional pad (D-pad), and the ABXY face buttons. Designers swapped out the black and white buttons that appeared on the old controller in favor of left and right bumpers to accompany the triggers, giving the controller a similar layout to the PlayStation’s DualShock controller. The central Xbox button represents the biggest introduction to the controller. With a single push, the Xbox 360’s guide menu pops up and offers the user a number of easy access navigational destinations. Holding down the button allows the user to remotely turn off the console. The controller’s effective layout and ergonomic design resonated with players, and it experienced a high degree of popularity within the gaming community. This positive feedback led Microsoft to maintain the same layout, with minor variations, for the main controller of its 2013 console, the Xbox One.

  • Manufacturer: Microsoft
  • Material: plastic | printed paper | metal
  • Object ID: 111.1735
Creative Commons License