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Microsoft Xbox 360 Halo: Reach

video game

In 2010, Bungie Studios released their last title in the Halo franchise, Halo: Reach. Published by Microsoft Game Studios as a prequel to all of the Halo games, Reach was a huge commercial and critical success, grossing $200 million on its launch day. The plot of the entire Halo series centers on a futuristic interstellar war being fought between humanity and an alien alliance known as the Covenant, complicated by a long history between an ancient intellectual race of Forerunners and a parasitic life form known as the Flood. In Reach, players act as Noble Six, the newest member of the United Nations Space Command special operations unit called Noble Team. When the planet Reach falls under Covenant attack, the UNSC dispatches Noble Team to protect the human colony, which serves as the heart of its military. Players engage in both covert and assault missions in order to fight off the Covenant, and to aid in the takeoff of The Pillar of Autumn, the UNSC ship that will discover the first Halo ring in Halo: Combat Evolved. Successful missions ensure the team’s ultimate victory and spark the events of the rest of the series. New features include aerial fight sequences in space, new and extensive customization options in competitive multiplayer mode, and a refined menu system for simple navigation. The game also provides varied new ways to enjoy Halo’s well-known combat style, such as new armor abilities that add tactical elements such as camouflage, limited flight, and protection from nearby explosions. Reach allows cooperative play with up to four players, and continues the online aspect of Xbox Live. Critics have acclaimed Reach for its superb graphics—which includes its sophisticated combat, level design, and artful environments—sound, and extensive customization options. Also, Reach maintains all of Halo’s previous successes, such as Forge editing, Firefight combat mode, online matchmaking capabilities, and Theater tools used to capture and share memorable moments. The ease with which players can peruse service records, invite others into parties and customize their experiences makes Reach not only a popular game but also an arena for creativity and social interaction.

  • Manufacturer: Microsoft
  • Material: plastic | printed paper
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 110.12781
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