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The Original Mommy Doll


In 1989 working moms Sue Ogden and Cindy Stern developed the Mommy doll as an accurate reflection of the times. Each 22-inch adult doll carries a 7-inch infant, and both dolls are ready for Mom’s hectic life. Initially collector dolls, the Mommy Doll and her child appeared in four variations: Off to Work presents Mom with her child in one hand and a briefcase in the other; On the Run features Mom in her stylish jogging clothes with her child in a baby carrier strapped to her chest; The Around Town doll portrays a young suburbanite and her child on the go; Bed at Last offers the Mom doll in a flannel nightgown with the infant in her jammies. The doll designers presented their Mommy dolls as realistic depictions of "full range of opportunities for women in the 1990s," and they quickly transitioned their creations into play dolls for young girls by signing up toy maker Strombeck to produce hardier soft-bodied, mass-produced versions for toy stores sales. The appeal for both the collector version and the play-doll version of the Mommy Doll lasted just a few years.

  • Manufacturer: Tootsietoy
  • Material: plastic | fabric | leather | cardboard
  • Origin: New York, NY
  • Object ID: 115.1978
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