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Strawberry Shortcake Berry Beauty Shop


Strawberry Shortcake characters appealed to young girls because the scented creatures with fruity names conveyed security and affection. Developed by American Greeting Corp. and manufactured by Kenner Products in 1979, the Strawberry Shortcake minidoll and her original 11 companions exploded into a full-blown line of licensed goods. Each doll came with her own comb (to facilitate hair play) and a "scented" pet. Making available additional outfits, play sets, vehicles, and other accessories as well as books, games, toys, records, and clothing kept 64 different manufacturers busy. The consumer frenzy over all things Strawberry Shortcake was fueled by a Saturday morning cartoon series, peer pressure, and an appetite for sentimental innocence. The doll line has reappeared several times since its debut in the 1980s. Accompanied by the premiere of a new TV series in 2002, the release of new video games, and the sale of many consumer products and toys, a new line StrawBerry Shortcake dolls appeared on the shelves of many toy stores. In 2006 a new line of dolls called "A World of Friends" preceded the release of a full-length animated movie called "Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie."

  • Manufacturer: Toy Headquarters
  • Material: printed cardboard | molded plastic | vinyl | fabric
  • Origin: China
  • Object ID: 114.804
  • Credit Line: Gift of Susan M. Yecies
Creative Commons License