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Raggedy Ann Doll


Dana K. Dula of Michigan befriended Raggedy Ann and Andy more than 40 years ago. She has made her own versions of the moppity sister and brother for her family and friends, for use in her classrooms in speciall education, and for raffles and auctions to benefit such charieties as St. Jude's Hospital, Make a Wish Foundation, the local community fund and public library, and the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In addition to making her own dolls, she collects vintage Raggedy Anns and Andys and has assigned a whole room in her home to house her collection.

  • Manufacturer: Dana K. Dula
  • Material: fabric
  • Origin: Portland, MI
  • Style: rag
  • Object ID: 110.9544
  • Credit Line: Gift of Dana K. Dula (Grandma Dana)
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