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Barbie Game Developer


Since 1959, Barbie has had scores and scores of careers, and her choices of professions over time have mirrored the expansion of job possibilities for women in the work place. In 2016, Mattel gave Barbie the new position of game developer, perhaps to correct a career misstep of a few years back. In 2014 Mattel had introduced Barbie the computer engineer, a career option applauded by adults hoping to encourage girls to consider pursuing jobs in science, technology, electronics, and math (STEM). The picture book that accompanied computer engineer Barbie, however, provided a narrative that required Barbie to rely on programming help from Steven and Brian to make her robot puppy game work (she came up with the design). She also relied on help from the boys to rid her computer of a virus. Critics observed that Barbie's skills as a computer engineer left much to be desired. Two years later, Barbie forsakes her pink computer for a serious gray one and becomes a game developer. According to the back of the packaging, Barbie has a more realistic appreciation for developing computer games. It offers: "Did you know? You can be a game developer just like Barbie! Game development involves story telling, art and graphic design, audio design, and computer programming. Because there are so many aspects to creating a game, team work is important." Barbie encourages her owners to consider careers in computers: "You can be ANYTHING."

  • Manufacturer: Mattel, Inc.
  • Material: plastic | fabric
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 116.4428
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