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Game Room

miniature room

Because Julie Conner of Indianapolis chose to work in an unusual scale of 1 inch = 6 inches for her miniature rooms and because she chose to create uncommon settings like antique shops and second-hand stores, she was forced to be creative. She furnished her miniature rooms with items that have no relation to dolls, miniatures, or play: many of the 2,500 furnishings in her 28 rooms are just such repurposed items. Most items she found in second-hand stores, flea markets, or yard sales, and her repurposing often involved painting, cutting off parts, adding to, or turning an object upside down or on its side. For instance, a metal a candle holder became a display rack for a consignment store. Or an unusual telephone shaped like a musical instrument became a prized piano for sale in her antique store. Conner’s creativity and imagination produced charming miniature rooms packed with intricate details.

  • Manufacturer: Julie Conner
  • Material: molded plastic | vinyl | wood | fabric
  • Origin: Indianapolis, IN
  • Style: miniature
  • Object ID: 114.5985
  • Credit Line: Gift of Julie Conner
Creative Commons License