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The Heart Family

doll set

Mattel first introduced the Heart Family to the world in 1985 as friends of Barbie, but later abandoned that back story. The family of four included a beautiful brunette mother attired in a sensible pink dress; a successful, dashing father clad in trousers, blue shirt, tie, and suspenders; and their adorably coordinated twin son and daughter. The Heart family demonstrated a more family-oriented, simplified lifestyle, which seemed a refreshing change from Barbie and Ken’s countless weekends in Malibu. In place of a pink Corvette and large motor home, the Hearts drove a sensible Volkswagen Cabriolet complete with car seats for the kids, illustrative of their safety-conscious nature, while the convertible top suggested they still had a fun-loving side. Furthermore, the Heart Family didn’t reside in an enormous dream mansion, instead occupying a sensible four-room home that included the basic furniture and necessities required for family life, such as bassinets, high chairs, and the all-important family table. In short, the Heart Family seemed to convey that the house wasn’t nearly as important as the love inside it.

  • Manufacturer: Mattel, Inc.
  • Material: vinyl | molded plastic | paint | synthetic hair | fabric | printed cardboard
  • Origin: China
  • Object ID: 114.2809
Creative Commons License