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Fashions for Dawn and Her Friends | Cupid's Beau #8121

doll clothes

The Dawn doll and her friends were introduced by Topper Toys in 1970. Originally, the line offered Dawn, her friends Angie, Gloria, and Dale, 44 different clothing esembles, and various playsets, cars, fashion stages, apartment furniture, and other accessories. Because the dolls were so small, they and all their accessories were relativlely cheap to purchase--certainly cheaper than the Barbies available at the time. And their diminutive size also made displaying them in stores--including five-and-dime stores--easy and profitable. Promoted on TV, as Barbie had been, the Dawn dolls quickly became favorites among little girls. Topper Toys' bankruptcy in 1973 ended the line.

  • Manufacturer: Topper Toys
  • Material: printed cardboard | plastic | fabric
  • Origin: Japan
  • Object ID: 113.2034
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