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Sweetie Pops

play set | doll | doll clothes

Playskool's 1986 Sweetie Pops rewarded little hands learning to manipulate fingers. These dolls, invented by artist, author, and toy designer Judith H. Blau and intended for youngster aged two to five years, had arms and legs that appeared to be molded to their torsos. Dressing the dolls was made easy by including moveable arms and legs to the dresses. The doll packaging explains the novelty: "A first dress-up doll that's east to dress. Just pop her in her clothes and she is ready to go." The dolls, with rooted long hair, came with several accessories including a tiny hairbrush, suitable for the ever-important hair play. The several dolls in the line depicted varied activities like School Time, Party Time, Ballerina, each with its special dress and limbs.

  • Manufacturer: Playskool, Inc.
  • Material: cardboard | plastic | vinyl | synthetic hair | fabric
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Object ID: 112.5787
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