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Shirley Temple Life-Size Paper Doll

paper doll set

Shirley Temple, child movie star in the 1930s, charmed the movie-going public and became "America's Princess." Adorably dimpled and cutely coiffed with exactly 56 sausage curls, Temple sang and danced her way in to the hearts of Americans. She was most successful as a child star, though she actually performed in 57 movies and starred as a adult in television before undertaking a career as a U.S. ambassador. Shirley Temple inspired a variety of dolls, paper dolls, toys, and other consumer goods when she was young, but that her toys and dolls continued in popularity three, seven, and nine decades after her years as a child performer attest to her enduring popularity.

  • Manufacturer: Gabriel Industries, Inc.
  • Material: paper | cardboard | plastic
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 115.975
  • Credit Line: Gift of Mary Flatley
Creative Commons License