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Honey West


When James Bond movies made espionage popular, every toy manufacturer rushed out a line of spy toys to capture part of the market. The A. C. Gilbert toy manufacturer, best known for the Erector set, seized a licensing deal to produce James Bond toys relating to the phenomenally popular "Goldfinger" movie of 1964. The popularity of the Bond franchise inspired a number of spy movies and television shows. A. C. Gilbert produced toys for a few TV shows including the short-lived "Honey West" series that aired on ABC in 1965 and 1966. "Honey West" chronicled the adventures of a female private eye and her male sidekick. There was no mistaking her creators' intentions when in the PI's first appearance, she was called a "private eyeful"--twice. The Honey West dolls or action figures, stood as tall as G.I. Joe (and Barbie too) and, like Barbie and G.I. Joe, Honey West had her own cool clothes and accessories including her own karate outfit (she knew what it was for!) gold lame evening ensemble, leopard-trimmed high-heeled boots, a pet ocelot, and several sets of secret-agent essential gadgets. The television series lasted just one season, and the toys related to it ended with the last airing of weekly episodes.

  • Manufacturer: A. C. Gilbert Company
  • Material: vinyl | paint | fabric | synthetic hair
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 113.5762
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