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Ginger, an 8-inch doll similar to Vogue's popular Ginny, was introduced by the Cosmpolitan Doll & Toy Company of Jackson Heights, NY, in 1954. Made of hard plastic, a new material of the postwar doll industry, Ginger had a saran wig and a number of outfits that sold separately from the doll. Variations in the doll line included an older Miss Ginger, a 10.5-inch doll in high heels; Little Miss Ginger, an 8-inch, high-heeled doll; and a Baby Ginger depicting a younger girl. Indulgent parents could purchase accessories for their daughters' Ginger dolls too including luggage and trunks for traveling and furniture for the living room, dining room, and bedroom for staying at home. Ginger remained on the market until about 1960.

  • Manufacturer: Cosmopolitan Doll & Toy Corp.
  • Material: vinyl | molded plastic | cardboard | printed paper
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 113.3510
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