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Tuesday Taylor doll


In the 1970s, the Ideal Toy company released its Tuesday Taylor in an attempt to dislodge Mattel's Barbie as the top fashion doll. Tuesday boasted a novel feature that Ideal felt sure would make her popular. The crown of Tiffany's head rotated to change her hair color from brunette to blond and back again. The mechanism that changed Tiffany's hair color came from the shop of Marvin Glass, a profilic toy inventer responsible for a number of toys including the game of Mouse Trap, Mr. Machine, and Lite Brite. As befits a fashion doll, Tuesday had a number of outfits that Ideal sold separately, as well as a summer-winter vacation house, and a penthouse with sunken living room. Ideal also offered a Tiffany Taylor, a 19-inch version of the doll with blonde and brunette hair.

  • Manufacturer: Ideal Toy Corporation
  • Material: vinyl
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Object ID: 106.1802
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