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Sweet April Busy Day Playtime Set

baby doll set

Sweet April first appeared in the 1970s, a product of Remco Industries. The 5-inch drink-and-wet doll had a lever on her back that activated her arms: depressing the lever raised the doll's arms to wipe away her tears. Remco made many accessories for Sweet April: this play set included five outfits as well as a high chair, play pen, changing table and rocking chair. Lucky little girls might have also played with Sweet April's own stroller, amusement park and additonal outfits available including a Big Girl Dress-up Wedding Dress.

  • Manufacturer: Remco Industries Inc.
  • Material: plastic | vinyl | fabric | synthetic hair
  • Origin: USA
  • Style: drink & wet
  • Object ID: 112.5455
  • Credit Line: Gift of Suzanne Brystal Nielsen in honor of Brent Michael and Crystal Lynn Gramkee
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