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Simpson Saturn Ice Bicycle


For cycling enthusiasts, winter must seem like Mother Nature's cruel joke. In some parts of the United States, snow covers roads and bike paths for five or six months of the year. How is a cyclist to deal with that? It was perhaps just such a question that inspired the ice bike. Ice bikers may have more in common with cross-country skiers than with summer cyclists. The skis and winter bike enable athletes to take solitary ventures into areas of freshly fallen snow. Some ice bike enthusiasts wax poetic about the beauty of snow-covered scenery, the quiet of a road on a frosty night, and the satisfying sound of an ice bike crunching through pristine snow. Experts suggest that in ice biking, the first 100 yards are the hardest. If you must fall, however, the snow beneath provides a soft landing.

  • Manufacturer: George T. Simpson
  • Material: metal | rubber | paint
  • Origin: Buffalo, NY
  • Style: transportation
  • Object ID: 113.162
Creative Commons License