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Crayola Big Box of Crayons


The Binney & Smith Company of New York and Easton, Pennsylvania, began operations producing paints, school pencils, and dustless chalk for classroom use. In 1903, it introduced a box of eight Crayola crayons for 5 cents. For more than 100 years, Crayola has dominated the wax crayon business. In fact, 98 out of every 100 consumers recognize the word "Crayola." Each year, the Toy Manufacturers of America list Crayola's box of 64 crayons as one of the best selling toys--selling better, in fact, than any year's Cabbage Patch doll, Tickle Me Elmo, or Furby.

  • Manufacturer: Binney & Smith
  • Material: crayon | paper | printed cardboard
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 116.8018
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