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Doozers Plush Figure

stuffed animal | character doll

Along with the continued success of "Sesame Street," Jim Henson Productions began a global venture in 1983, collaborating with several production agencies worldwide, to produce the Muppet-populated children's program "Fraggle Rock." Designed from the start to address a more global audience, the program found success and ran steadily for four years, and then in syndication for many more. Like other successful children's television programs, "Fraggle Rock" inspired spin-off merchandise. Designer Bruce Whitehill created a clever board game in 1984, based on the program's dynamics, for Milton Bradley.

  • Manufacturer: Hasbro, Inc.
  • Material: plastic | plush | printed cardboard
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Object ID: 115.5373
  • Credit Line: A Gift from the Family of Jim Henson
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