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American Plastic Bricks Set No.60/1-P

construction set

Elgo Plastics first offered its American Plastic Bricks in the 1940s. A division of the Halsam toy company, also located in Chicago, Elgo used the injection molding process to mass produce its uniform, interlocking building bricks. Halsam’s American Plastic Bricks sets were taken over by Playskool, which then became a part of Milton Bradley in 1968, and thus part of Hasbro, Inc., when Hasbro acquired the game company in 1984. This set contains the paper windows and doors of the early 1940s, and its instruction book offers advice on making the most of the toy: "It's more fun to create a new model than it is to copy."

  • Manufacturer: Elgo Plastics Inc.
  • Material: plastic | cardboard | paper
  • Object ID: 117.1952
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