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Lincoln Large Timbers with Wheels, Set 1-T

construction set

In the mid-20th century, Chicago's J. L. Wright company made squared timbers for its Lincoln Timbers sets as well as the round logs for its well-established and popular Lincoln Logs sets. Some toy historians have wondered why the company would offer both round logs and square logs when surely producing both increased the cost of production. In Chicago at the same time, Halsam, a rival toy company, offered squared logs in its American Logs sets, which it clearly made in imitation of the original Lincoln Logs. So, the Lincoln Timbers copied American Logs, which copied the original Lincoln Logs. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, who among Chicago toy makers was flattered most?

  • Manufacturer: John Lloyd Wright Inc.
  • Material: wood | cardboard | paper
  • Origin: Chicago
  • Object ID: 116.4585
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