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The LEGO Movie | LEGO

construction set

In February, 2015, LEGO construction toys replaced Ferrari as the world most powerful brand, according to Brand Finance, an independent intangible asset valuation consultancy. Part of LEGO's popularity in recent years is due to the 2014 release of "The LEGO Movie," which received awards or nominations from all the major film award regulators. The film tells the heartwarming story of the adventures of several LEGO minifigures, in a world generally populated by all kinds of minifigures and a few humans who, it turns out, constructed that world. LEGO minifigures (minifigs) have been increasingly popular since their introduction in LEGO construction sets in 1978. In later years they are sold individually, and characters from "The LEGO Movie" are no exception.

  • Manufacturer: The Lego Group
  • Material: plastic
  • Origin: China
  • Object ID: 115.1412
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