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Astro Boy Action Figure Set

action figure

Astro Boy, known in Japan as Tetsuwan Atomu (Mighty Atom), is a Japanese comic written by Osamu Tezuka, originally published from 1952 to 1968. The series follows the titular character, Astro Boy, and his adventures through a futuristic Tokyo where humans and robots live alongside one another. Astro Boy was created by the scientist Doctor Tenma after the death of his son, but he soon grew bitter as he realized an android could never replace a human, and he sold Astro Boy to a circus. Years later, another scientist, Professor Ochanomizu, notices Astro Boy and convinces the circus owners to sell him back. Astro Boy is provided a loving home with Ochanomizu, who also trains him to use his superior strength and ingenuity to battle evil and fight crime. In 1963, FuJi TV aired an animated television adaptation of Astro Boy, which became the first example of what is now considered Japanese anime. That same year, NBC aired an English-language version of the series, making Astro Boy the first anime to be released in the United States.

  • Manufacturer: Sono Kong
  • Material: plastic | printed cardboard
  • Origin: Korea
  • Licenser: Tezuka Productions
  • Object ID: 116.3709
Creative Commons License