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Transformers Generations - Combine Wars: Megatron

action figure

The Transformer line of action figures first appeared in the USA in 1984, and these toys remained incredibly popular for 30 years. The figures consist of puzzle-like pieces assembled as cars, planes, weapons, and other everyday objects. When the pieces are rearranged, the figures become robot warriors. Elaborate histories, individual biographies, and novel charts and graphs delineating unique abilities and strengths supplement each character. The Transformers’ detailed back story has been revealed in TV series, several feature-length movies, video games, comic books, and other media. This toy represents Megatron, leader of the evil Decepticons. While traditionally transforming into a Walther P-38 Weapon, this "Combine Wars" edition transforms into a tank with launching missile.

  • Manufacturer: Hasbro, Inc.
  • Material: plastic | printed cardboard
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Licenser: TOMY
  • Object ID: 116.3683
Creative Commons License