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miniature room

For Julie Conner’s first miniature rooms, she painted a pink, three-story dollhouse intended for little girls’ play. She soon outgrew the three large rooms of that structure, and her father built shelving for her to use as a "house" of rooms that included a traditional kitchen, living room, family room, and bedrooms. Conner added to her Dad’s shelves a home office, washroom, garage, nursery, bathroom, a large backyard scene, and more. Fortunately, her Dad built more shelving, and she continued to furnish "rooms" as grocery stores, antique shops, second-hand and consignment stores, and other vignettes. Conner created 28 miniature rooms which she furnished with many items she purchased second hand and repurposed for her hobby.

  • Manufacturer: Julie Conner
  • Material: molded plastic | vinyl | wood | fabric
  • Origin: Indianapolis, IN
  • Style: miniature
  • Object ID: 114.5983
  • Credit Line: Gift of Julie Conner
Creative Commons License