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Barn Office/Western Room

miniature room

One night in the 1990s, Julie Conner, of Indianapolis, Indiana, unpacked her childhood Barbies and began arranging them in small vignettes. Soon she was creating miniature rooms that reflected events in her life and places she happily remembered. She first created rooms of a home including the traditional living room, family room, bedrooms, and kitchen, but she soon added the less common office, garage, patio, and backyard. Conner eventually created commercial vignettes, a somewhat novel undertaking among miniaturists. Also novel, she used an unusual scale of 1 inch = 6 inches, which suited her childhood Barbies and the same-sized dolls she added to her works. Conner called her late-night activities "play therapy," something she did after days spent caring for her son who had been diagnosed with autism. Conner’s 28 miniature rooms are full of incredible detail and heart-warming whimsy.

  • Manufacturer: Julie Conner
  • Material: molded plastic | vinyl | wood | fabric
  • Origin: Indianapolis, IN
  • Style: miniature
  • Object ID: 114.5860
  • Credit Line: Gift of Julie Conner
Creative Commons License