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miniature room

Miniature-room creator July Conner has assembled 28 settings or vignettes that reflect events and memories of her life and family. The miniature Western shops recalled her favorite Western-themed movies and TV shows and included dolls and other items acquired on a family trip to the Grand Canyon. The antique shops reminded her of stories her grandparents used to tell her. She placed miniature car magazines, sports materials and Purdue U. memorabilia in the game room just for her college-aged sons and their alma mater. The Christmas room contained several miniatures of toys that she played with as a child and that her sons played with too. Conner’s miniature rooms, like those of many hobbyists, presented small parts of her life and served as a catalogue of many favorite memories.

  • Manufacturer: Julie Conner
  • Material: molded plastic | vinyl | wood | fabric | metal
  • Origin: Indianapolis, IN
  • Style: miniature
  • Object ID: 114.5858
  • Credit Line: Gift of Julie Conner
Creative Commons License