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During the late 19th century, ladies' magazines published articles on various home craft projects such as scrapbooking. On long winter nights, activities such as these helped keep children and adults occupied in the days before radio and television. One such scrapbook project was the so-called "paper dollhouse." Girls enjoyed paper doll play, and constructed a "house" for their dolls in a scrapbook. The first page often presented a front door image, and each successive page revealed another room in the house. Often windows, cut out on a page, revealed the room on the next page through their tissue-paper curtains. And bed linens were applied so that a girl might slip a paper doll between the covers to "sleep." Paper dolls were such popular playthings that many of these scrapbook houses survive today in museum collections.

  • Material: ledger | scrap | paint | crayon
  • Origin: USA
  • Object ID: 113.3858
  • Credit Line: Gift of James Wilson and Lynne Poirier-Wilson
Creative Commons License