Raceway Arcade

Through September 4

Play your way through the history of electronic driving games and learn about America’s long fascination with the need for speed at the original Raceway Arcade. Start your engine and zip through the evolution of driving games in this highly interactive and artifact-rich exhibit designed for racing enthusiasts of all ages.

  • Challenge friends to the two-player Daytona USA (1994), three-player Super Sprint (1986), and the two-player favorite Mario Kart Arcade GP2 (2007).
  • Be the first to the finish line in arcade classics such as Pole Position 2 (1983), Out Run (1987), and Cruis’n USA (1994).
  • Grab the wheel in the brand-new Cruisin’ Blast (2017).
  • View pioneering racing games from The Strong’s collections—including Atari’s Gran Trak 10 (1974) and the once controversial Death Race (1976).
  • See how the precursors to modern video games operated by examining the inner-workings of the electro-mechanical Chicago Coin’s Drive Master (1969).

Produced by The Strong’s International Center for the History of Electronic Games.
Playable machines in Raceway Arcade require purchased tokens. Money collected from the sale of tokens helps maintain these original artifacts.