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Have a Ball

Opens June 24, 2017

Opening Weekend, June 24 & 25:
Join Flower City Vaudeville for interactive juggling shows and demonstrations.

Bounce through the history of the ball and learn about the importance of ball play as a universal social, cultural, and human experience at Have a Ball—an original exhibit at The Strong! View iconic artifacts—including the ball that gave baseball legend Willie Mays his 3,000th courtesy of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York—and test your skills at a variety of physical and virtual activities. Explore the history and form of ball games from around the world and go hands-on with a variety of virtual and physical activities:

  • Step into a life-size billiards game and challenge friends and family!
  • Direct a remote-controlled ball through a series of tracks, tunnels, and ramps.
  • Place a variety of colorful balls in the air-powered ball fountain and see how they travel, flat, and bounce.
  • Play a jumbo-size version of the Atari arcade classic Breakout that’s projected on the wall.
  • Test your skills at the throwing range and try to pitch a strike.
  • Play redemption-style games such as Skee Ball, Hoop Fever, Fish Bowl, Ghoster Busters, Angry Birds, and Hungry Hungry Hippos and earn tickets for prizes.
  • Pull the plunger and rack up high scores on pinball machines such as Super Mario Bros. and the Flinstones.
  • View a range of artifacts—from simple marbles to the electronics Nintendo Wii Sports.
  • Learn about ball play all over the world. View videos of children playing marbles in Afghanistan and soccer All-Star David Beckham kicking a soccer ball in Antarctica.

Have a Ball remains on view through September 4, 2017.

Some machines in Have a Ball require purchased tokens. Money collected from the sale of tokens helps maintain these original artifacts.


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