Have a Ball

Through September 4, 2017

Bounce through the history of the ball and learn about the importance of ball play as a universal social, cultural, and human experience at Have a Ball—an original exhibit at The Strong! View iconic artifacts and test your skills at a variety of physical and virtual activities. Explore the history and form of ball games from around the world and go hands-on with a variety of virtual and physical activities:

  • Step into a life-size billiards game and challenge friends and family!
  • Direct a remote-controlled ball through a series of tracks, tunnels, and ramps.
  • Place a variety of colorful balls in the air-powered ball fountain and see how they travel, flat, and bounce.
  • Play a jumbo-size version of the Atari arcade classic Breakout that’s projected on the wall.
  • Test your skills at the throwing range and try to pitch a strike.
  • Play redemption-style games such as Skee Ball, Hoop Fever, Fish Bowl, Ghoster Busters, Angry Birds, and Hungry Hungry Hippos and earn tickets for prizes.
  • Pull the plunger and rack up high scores on pinball machines such as Super Mario Bros. and the Flinstones.
  • View a range of artifacts—from simple marbles to the electronics Nintendo Wii Sports.
  • Learn about ball play all over the world. View videos of children playing marbles in Afghanistan and soccer All-Star David Beckham kicking a soccer ball in Antarctica.

Have a Ball remains on view through September 4, 2017.

Some machines in Have a Ball require purchased tokens. Money collected from the sale of tokens helps maintain these original artifacts.


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