Arcade Games in eGameRevolution

The following arcade video games from the extensive collection of the International Center for the History of Electronic Games® are on display and playable in the eGameRevolution exhibit of The Strong Museum.

(Note: Arcade games are sometimes rotated for maintenance. This list is updated periodically and is accurate as of the date below.)

List updated May 1, 2015

Jetpack Joyride
Star Trek: The Next Generation Pinball
Street Fighter
Cirqus Voltaire Pinball
Lord of the Rings Pinball
Superman Pinball
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Monster Bash Pinball
Temple Run
The Amazing Spider-Man Pinball
The Wizard of Oz Pinball
Fix-It Felix Jr.
Funhouse Pinball
Revenge from Mars Pinball
Zoo Keeper
Sonic Championship