Be the Astronaut

Through January 7, 2019

Experience the wonders of space when the Be the Astronaut exhibit rockets into The Strong. Plan a space mission, learn about the technology and math skills required to be an astronaut, and fly spaceships, pilot landers, and drive rovers.

  • Join a crew of virtual experts—the scientist, the engineer, the navigator, and the doctor—to learn about spaceflight before heading out on missions in an interplanetary spaceship equipped with futuristic landers and rovers designed in collaboration with NASA.
  • Ask a robot—programmed by the exhibit’s “Artificial Intelligence Program”—for help with the exhibit’s mission goals.
  • Track mission progress on a magnetic Astronaut ID card as you learn basic principles of physics. Then jump into the cockpit, which comes alive with lighting, game visuals, and sounds.


  • Fly across the translunar gulf in a virtual spaceship command module and orbit the moon.
  • Pilot a lander to the moon’s surface and drive over actual Moon terrain, a 1:1 simulation of a crater region spanning more than 29 miles.


  • Zoom through deep space and then pilot a lander over the solar system’s largest volcano.
  • Drive a rover on Mars’ western canyon—which is wider than North America.

Asteroid Belt and Jupiter

  • Refuel in flight to Ceres—the largest body in the Asteroid Belt.
  • Drive a rover across Ceres’ icy surface and catch an up-close view of Jupiter’s storm-filled atmosphere.

Deep Space

  • Navigate the gravitational force of the planets and survive the hazards of radiation.
  • Fly time-lapsed missions at actual scale and explore the vast distances in space.

The Be the Astronaut exhibit remains on view through January 7, 2019. Be the Astronaut is created by Eureka Exhibits.

Presented in the Fidelis Care Gallery.

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