Theme Days

Themed visits at The Strong give students an opportunity to experience the museum in new ways. Activities begin at 9:45 a.m. and end at 2 p.m., but classes may arrive and depart anytime during that period. 

Reservations are required. Space is limited so register early!

Students must be divided into groups of no more than five and each group must be accompanied throughout the day by an adult chaperon. Ask about availability for large groups on alternative days.

Cost: $9 per student

Theme Day Options

  • Fairy-Tale Fantasy Theme Day

    Literature comes alive and students get the royal treatment as they make fairy-tale costumes and crafts for the Royal Ball! Students meet the Queen of Play, dance in the banquet hall with lords and ladies from the Queen’s court, play knights and dragons, and practice bow and arrow skills in Sherwood Forest. Students leave the museum happily ever after.

    Arts 1, Arts 2, RL.PK.2, RL.PK.3, RL.PK.4, RI.K.10, RL.K.11, RL.1.11, RL.2.11, SL.K.1, SL.K.6, SL.1.1, SL.1.6, SL.2.1, SL.2.6

    February 13, 15, and 16, 2017

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  • Life Science Theme Day

    Explore the wonders of life science through engaging hands-on activities throughout the museum. Observe plants and animals and develop questions and theories about living things. Using non-fiction texts as inspiration, learn how to record observations with drawings and labels. Stroll through the museum’s outdoor Discovery Garden or add a Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden tour. (Butterfly garden tours are $5 additional per person.)

    Arts 1, ST 1, ST 4, RI.K.1, RI.1.1, RI.2.1, RI.3.1

    May 9–12, 2017

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