Playing with Math

Your lesson will take place in The Berenstain Bears exhibit. In Bear Country, the Berenstain Bears are busy in Mama Bear’s Quilt Shop, Papa Bear’s Woodworking Shop, the Bear Family Restaurant, Farmer Ben’s Farm, and the Bear Country School.

Lesson extensions for before or after your visit

The following activities are designed for your class to enjoy before or after your museum visit. Familiarizing students with the lesson concepts can enrich your museum experience.

Create body percussion patterns

Have children take turns creating rhythmic patterns with body percussion (for example: clapping, stomping, tapping knees, etc.). Designate one child as a leader and have that child demonstrate the pattern. Ask the rest of the class to join in by making the same pattern.

Patterns are everywhere!

Encourage pattern making by providing materials such as pattern blocks, colored craft sticks, and stickers.

Buttons, buttons

Keep a variety of medium and large buttons on hand in the classroom for exploration during free play times. The exploration of buttons can naturally lead to sorting, classifying, counting, and pattern making.

Playing with math through music

If your students enjoy music, consider having these CDs available in the classroom:

  • Math All Around Me by Jack Hartmann
  • Two Little Sounds by Hap Palmer

Suggested reading

  • The Berenstain Bears' Dollars and Sense by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • The Berenstain Bears' Trouble With Money by Stan Berenstain
  • The Berenstain Bears' Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze by Stan and Jan Berenstain