College and University Group Visit Request

We are pleased that you are interested in visiting the The Strong museum!

We welcome academic study in our galleries and would like to help make your time with us a valuable extension of your classroom curriculum. To make it possible for the public to continue to enjoy the museum while class groups are working, we ask that you file a visit plan to be approved by the museum prior to your visit and adhere to the museum's guidelines for college and university groups during your visit.

To make a visit request and file a visit plan, please use the form below. Please note that private meeting rooms are not available during college and university group visits.

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Visit information
If 'yes', enter the name or position of a staff member (if known), or a description of the material you would like presented by a museum staff member.
Describe the assignment your students will be working on, the specific activities or tasks they will be completing, and the areas of the museum they will primarily use. Include an agenda for your visit and any assignment materials you plan to use with your students, as applicable.
Attach up to three documents below. Acceptable formats: png, gif, jpg, txt, doc, docx, odf, pdf, xls, xlsx, zip