Keynote Bios IEEE (GIC) International Games Innovation Conference at The Strong

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June 22, 2012

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“Designing for Play” IEEE (GIC)
International Games Innovation Conference
at The Strong® in Rochester, New York
September 7–9



Seamus Blackley, co-creator of the Xbox and president of Innovative Leisure

“From Arcades to Apps”

Video game pioneer Seamus Blackley is best known as co-creator of the Xbox. After working at Microsoft, Blackley ran the game talent division at Creative Arts Agency in Los Angeles, representing legendary designers such as Will Wright (The Sims) and Time Schafer (Psychonauts). Most recently, Blackley launched the game development company Innovative Leisure with an eye toward inventing a new genre of video arcade game apps for on-the-go-users of mobile platforms. Toward that end, he recruited a team of legendary programmers from Atari including the creators of Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command, among others, which he calls a “Jedi Council of video game design.” According to a profile of Innovative Leisure in Time magazine, “The 99 download has become the new quarter drop, and the old Atari guys see the new medium as an opportunity to rethink classic game play.”


Ian Bogost, professor at Georgia Tech and founding partner of Persuasive Games

“What Is Fun?”

Ian Bogost is a scholar, author, and game designer. He is professor and director of the Graduate Program in Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology and founding partner at Persuasive Games LLC. As an author, he writes about video games as a medium with many uses. As a game designer, he makes games for political, social, educational, and artistic uses. Bogost is author or co-author of eight books including: Unit Operations, Persuasive Games, Racing the Beam, Newsgames, How To Do Things with Videogames, and Alien Phenomenology.  Bogost’s video games cover topics as varied as airport security, disaffected workers, the petroleum industry, and tort reform. His game A Slow Year, a collection of game poems for Atari, won the Vanguard and Virtuoso awards at the 2010 Indiecade Festival.


Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross, award-winning science fiction writers, joint keynote

“Virtual Worlds and Their Discontents: Who Will Refuse to Enter the Matrix and Why”

Cory Doctorow is coeditor of the popular weblog Boing Boing (, which receives more than three-million visitors a month. He is also a contributor to Guardian, Locus, and Publishers Weekly. His science fiction writing has garnered numerous awards, and his young adult novel Little Brother was a New York Times bestseller. A forthcoming book, Rapture of the Nerds, an adult novel co-written with Charles Stross, is due out next fall. Doctorow was named one of the Web’s 15 influencers by Forbes magazine and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He lives in London with his wife and daughter.
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Charles Stross began his career as a technical author, freelance journalist, programmer, and pharmacist (he holds degrees in pharmacy and computer science). He went on to become a successful full-time science fiction and fantasy writer. Widely hailed as one of the most original voices in modern SF, he is the author of several major novels including Singularity Sky, Accelerando, Halting State, and Rule 34. His short fiction has won multiple Hugo and Locus Awards. Stross’s forthcoming novel Rapture of the Nerds was co-written with Cory Doctorow. Stross lives in Edinburgh. Twitter: Website:


Paul Reiche, cofounder and CEO, Toys for Bob

“The Skylanders Story: Successfully combining Toys and Video Games”

Paul Reiche began his career as a professional game designer in 1981 at TSR Hobbies in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where he wrote rules for Dungeons & Dragons®.  He returned to the San Francisco Bay Area and began to create computer games, codesigning the fantasy classics Archon, Mail Order Monsters, and Murder on the Zinderneuf, a murder mystery game set entirely within a zeppelin. In 1989, Reiche founded his own studio, Toys for Bob, with programming partner Fred Ford. Together with their friends and coworkers, Fred and Paul created Star Control I & II, The Horde, Pandemonium and many other games for a wide variety of computer and videogame platforms. Reiche’s hobby of making plastic and rubber monsters proved unexpectedly useful in 2009, when Toys for Bob began the development of Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, a hybrid physical-toy/video game in which players use real toys to control play in the game. Since its debut in 2011, Skylanders has become an international best-seller. According to Reiche, “To date, Skylanders has sold enough toys that if placed end-to-end, would stretch from Novato, California (where Toys for Bob is based), all the way to Bismark, South Dakota.”


Anthony Salcito, vice president, Worldwide Public Sector Education, Microsoft Corp.

“GamiMUSTication: Tranforming Learning to Drive 21st Century Skills”

As vice president of education for Microsoft Corp.’s Worldwide Public Sector organization, Anthony Salcito works with education institutions and partners globally to embrace technology to optimize learning environments and student achievement. In this role, Salcito oversees the worldwide execution of Microsoft’s vision for education and its partnership and technology outreach efforts via the Partners in Learning, Partners for Technology Access, and Public and Private Alliances programs. He was the catalyst for Microsoft’s involvement in the creation of the School of the Future—Microsoft’s participation with the School District of Philadelphia to build an innovative high school in the city of Philadelphia, which has served as a blueprint for Microsoft’s worldwide Innovative Schools program. Salcito created the Microsoft Technology Friends Network, which links IT professionals and developers to schools and nonprofits to donate their technical expertise to aid with technology support.


Ian Schreiber, game designer and co-author of Breaking into the Game Industry: Advice for a Successful Career from Those Who Have Done It

“Breaking Into the Game Industry”

Ian Schreiber, a veteran of the game industry since 2000, began as a programmer and went on to become a game designer. He has worked on six published titles, two serious game simulations, and several other projects. He has taught game design and development courses at a variety of schools, co-authored two books, and offered two free online courses on game design in blog form (  and


Vincent John Vincent, co-CEO, president, and cofounder,
GestureTek & Gesturetek Health

“Engaging Interactivity Using Gesture Control Technologies”

Vincent John Vincent is the cofounder of GestureTek and has been instrumental in defining and developing the video gesture recognition and control industry. In addition to commercially marketing the company’s technology, Vincent is responsible for its day-to-day operations and sales and marketing. Vincent leads the company's activities in ongoing market identification, product development in multiple vertical markets, and worldwide installation of GestureTek systems. He has overseen the creation of more than 400 GestureXtreme virtual experience applications for games, corporate events, TV productions, education, and virtual therapy uses. He has been in charge of more than 4000 installations of GestureTek systems to various vertical markets. In 2003, Vincent was honored by the Canadian Digital Media Association with a Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2007 he was honored with the Media Guru award in Milan, Italy.